"A play about growing up in our "have and have-not" society, and discovering what "family" really is."

Run Dates: April 21st - April 30th, 2016

Though Angie, an adolescent, lives in a wealthy town, she is poor. Deserted at birth by her mother, her father killed in War, she lives in a trailer with her ailing but loving Grandma. Though a gifted athlete, Angie's afraid to compete at her preppie school, feeling she's "Trailer Trash". While a terrified and disliked aunt pushes to take her away to live with her and put her Grandmother in a facility, Angie meets a boy, Theo, at school. Brilliant, wealthy but an awkward loner, Theo's parents have no time for him and schoolmates taunt him, his only friends being his computer and his bird. Finally as Angie and Theo form a unique bond as soulmates, they gain the courage to begin their journeys toward adulthood...resolving family problems, and taking actions to utilize their talents at school.


Production Photos