Covid Creeps a new audio series produced by the students of the Warren High Drama Department.

Over the past few months, the actors of the Emerson Theatre have gone to their computers and drafted a set of original plays for production this semester. As our stage is empty, well not empty, actually full of stuff, but empty of the human element, these plays have been recorded and mixed for your enjoyment. They are best listened to while sitting back half way between the relm of awake and asleep. We have for you our first two installments of the series. Speak No Evil by Alissa Hernandez and The Kids of Raven Valley by Alyssa Mejia.

Mrs. California

The time is pre-women's lib 1955, the place a Los Angeles hotel, where a homemakers contest is in progress—the winner to embody the epitome (at the time) of the ideal woman: "a happy, good and beautiful homemaker."

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